You will not notice the difference between our VoIP digital phone service and traditional telephone service (PSTN). The digital phone works in exactly the same manner.

The technology behind it, however, is far more advanced. If you've got a high-speed Internet connection, Alldaytalk broadband digital phone service offers a voice service you can rely on to make calls over the Internet at great savings over local or long distance calls on a regular phone line.

Here's how it works
You make a call using your phone just as you do with a traditional telephone line. Your voice travels through a regular telephone line to the Alldaytalk Broadband Phone Adapter. The sound is digitized by Alldaytalk Broadband Phone Adapter and sent via a hub or router to your cable/ADSL modem.

The digitized call is then sent across the internet directly to the phone of the party you are calling. Incoming calls from traditional telephone line or from other Alldaytalk users will come in through the cable/ADSL modem and then through your Alldaytalk Broadband Phone Adapter into your phone. The service does not interfere with your computer. Our Alldaytalk Broadband Phone Adapter just acts like another computer requiring Internet connection.

Your Internet connection should work as it did before you installed the Alldaytalk Broadband Phone Adapter - sending emails and other data to and from your personal computer Thinking of subscribing to our service? Signing up for our service is easy. We offer several residential plans and optional packages to meet your needs. We also offer competitive business plans and packages.

Once you sign up, we'll send you the Alldaytalk Broadband Phone Adapter. Installation is easy and our customer support team is ready to serve you and to help you if you have any questions. After installation, you're ready to make and receive calls over your high-speed Internet connection. It is just that simple !