Fax to Email

Incoming faxes will be converted to PDF files and delivered to your email box. This saves you time, paper, and the cost of maintaining a costly fax line. Simple and reliable, you will never again need to worry about a busy line, or your printer being out of paper.


  • Keep your current fax number *
  • Cut land line cost
  • Cut fax toner / paper / ink consumption cost
  • Cut printing waste on junk faxes
  • Customers never receive busy tone
  • Up to 5 e-mail recipients
  • Unlimited incoming fax pages
  • Online archive for faxes received
  • Receive your fax on iPad / iPhone / Android or PC
  • No Contract / No Hidden Fees / Cancel Anytime
  • As an economical scanner, FAX the document to yourself
FAX to Email is designed for received incoming FAX only, but you are free to utilize your remain phone line (if any) along with your FAX machine for out-going Fax.



Fax to Email Saves You CAD $300 per Year!!

Basic Business FAX Line Picing
* 6.95/mo is base on 12 months prepaid




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