Business Comunication

Basic Features (Include in All Packages)
The basic features take care all the perspectives for doing business.
You got: Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, Call ID Free Canadian Cities Calling and more…...

Auto Attendants A prerecorded menu that can be used to direct caller to different departments or extensions within your company. It is just like a never tired secretary taking customer’s call 24/7.
Voicemail All extensions come with full featured voice mail box. Caller can leave message, review the message and attach caller’s contact number. Your employee can access the recorded voice mail on extension.
Call ID See the phone number of the person who is calling you before you pick up the phone. When you call out, this feature also allows other people to see who is calling them.
Pick your Local Number Depend on where you located, you can pick an area code that is where you located from our 20 major city lists. You can also pick a number that is not physically local to you. Say, you are in Toronto; you can pick a Vancouver local number.
Employee Extensions You can get as many extensions as you want for your employees. Each extension has its own standard function for your employee to handle the call, improve the image for your business.
Personal Greeting Recording your own personal greeting for busy and no answer. You can change your personal greeting as often as you like. Simply pick up the extension and recording your voice prompt over the extension phone.
Call Transfer If the call is for other extension, you can transfer the call to the right destination using the call transfer function.
Call Hold Hold your customer while you need a short interruption on the conversation. (Music on Hold is only on the advanced feature pack)
Call Return The caller’s ID will be recorded in the voice mail. you can easily return the call using the Call Return feature.
Free Long Distance for Canada Major Cities Yes, you heard it right. We are the only company that includes 20 major Canadian cities as free calling destination in the standard package! It has virtually makes your Canada Long Distance Free!
Multiple Phone Lines We give the multiple phone lines for your business. The more extensions you are subscribing, the more phone lines you will get.
No Busy Signals Because we give you multiple phone lines. Even when all your extensions are on the call, you still don’t need to worry about the busy signal; your customers can still dial in and hear the company’s greetings.
Online Call Records You can check you online call records, as well as long distance charge. You can even check the miss call on line so you will always know who is trying to reach you.
Online Billing All the monthly charges and invoices are clearly stated in your own customer portal on-line. You can print out the invoice at your own convenience.
Online Customer Portal All business customers have their own online portal, you can review the call records, update your company information, and print out the billing invoice.

Advance Features (Optional Package)
Voicemail to Email Sending the voicemail message as e-mail attachment to your assigned destination e-mail address.
Voicemail Notification Voice mail notification light will go on if there are some recent voice messages.
Music on Hold A more professional call reception, your customer will hear the music when you hold the conversation.
Call Forwarding You can setup call to your extension forward to another extension, company operator, another landline or cell phone. The forwarding number can be setup directly on the extension or you can setup the number remotely. (while you are not beside the extension)
Do Not Disturb When you temporarily do not want to answer the call, enable the Do Not Disturb will direct caller’s call into your voice mail. You can enable and disable the feature over extension when needed.
One Number Follow Me You can forward the call to other phone number including cell phone number.
Department Ring Groups Ring several extensions at once in one department. The first person who picks up the extension will answer the call.
Hunt Group Ring a certain group of extension at the same time. The first person picks up the extension will answer the call.
Ring Down Prioritize the sequence of answering the call. If the first extension is on the phone or no answer, the call will flow to the next extension in the queue.
Direct Phone Numbers Sometimes, you will want a direct phone number to a certain extension, so it can bypass the auto attendant. (The extra phone number price differently)
Call Pick Up Pick up other extension’s call, when the call is not answered. This feature will make sure you can balance the company workforce on answering the call.

Optional Features (Optional Package)
1-800 function Our 1-800 service is only available to our existing customer at rock bottom rate. We offer the best business Toll Free Solutions, you will see the huge price difference if you are still using Telus or Bell’s Toll Free solutions
USA Phone Number You can extend your company’s presence to other country by acquire the local access number. TieUs Hosted PBX services has now expanded the local DID number offering to USA and other 64 overseas countries
8-way Conference 8-way Conference Room is the add-on features for your existing Hosted PBX Services.
The Audio conference let you easy utilize the service while maintain the comfortable security. The minimum requirement to set up the audio conference meeting room is that you need to have at least one hosted PBX IP-Phone extension