• InternetTVPhone

    Internet . TV . Phone Service

    As low as CDN$31.95/mo*
    Get unlimited data on all Internet plans for only $31.95!
    No traffic limitation, no contracts, no hidden charge.

  • DigitalHomePhone

    Digital Home Phone - VOIP

    As low as CDN$5.95/mo*
    Unlimited local calls and unlimited long distance
    to most major Canadian Cities

  • BusinessCommunication

    Fax to Email

    As low as CDN$6.95/mo*
    Eliminate the expensive land line costs for your fax.
    Receive incoming faxes with up to 5 different e-mail addresses
    with unlimited incoming pages

  • My Portal

    Business Communications

    As low as CDN$21.95/mo
    IP PBX and phone system designed to replace your traditional PBX

  • image05

    My Portal

    Provide batter way to
    manager your profile and account


Internet Service
VoIP Phone

Home Phone Service
Fax to Email

Fax to Email Service
PBX Service

Business PBX Service
Current Promotions

Cable Internet 60M only $48.95*

*Only available to existing SHAW members*


Digital Home Phone Service
Tieus 16th Anniversary Promotion -
Up to $120 of savings!

*For new sign up members only, with a 2 year contract*

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